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ICI 2011 Tax and Accounting Conference - DOWNLOAD or MP3 CD w/ PDF Visuals

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   The ICI 2011 Tax and Accounting Conference brings you the latest information
on tax, accounting, and regulatory issues as they affect the mutual fund industry.
These presentations, recorded live at the conference, bring you up to the minute
information from fund sponsors, auditors and regulators, with reports from FASB,
SEC and treasury.   These expert-led presentations are the kind of professional
development for which the ICI is renowned.  Also included are all available PDF
files of the presentations.  You can select either the physical disc - mp3 Format
Audio on CD (with PDF visuals)- $124.00 plus applicable shipping and sales tax,
 or choose the Download option - $114.00 if you don't want the disc.
    Once you complete checkout, within the week we'll send you a confirmation of
your order,  then send your disc, or a link to download your files.  You can print
out the order form for fax or mail orders, but for fastest service, and to save money,
just order right here on-line.  Thanks!     NOTE:  Our on-line store does not support
free shipping for downloads.  We will deduct the shipping from your download order
here in the office.  Thanks again!
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